I hope everyone had a great three-days weekend, filled with love and happiness. I hope no one was stressed out about what to wear for V-day. When it come to last minute outfit, I would always recommend to go for monotone, all black especially would never fail to make you look fashionable. We are very familiar with this style trick lately. It is no brainer and time-saving dressing method that makes you look put together in no time. Nevertheless, if you want to have some variety, you can go on the grey scale and have an achromatic outfit. Here, I wear the colors from both end of the grey scale, black and white, and grey as the mid tone.

Jacket: The North Face
Sweater: Lululemon
Bottom: American Eagle
Shoes: Nike
Necklace: gifted
Choker: eBay
 For many years, I extremely dislike Winter because of the cold and snow. However, this year my perception of the season changed a bit toward the positive side. I don't have to think much about my outfit because the main key is to be warm. You're all set, as long as your wardrobe are prepared with:
1. Snow boots (no one wants to fall, right?)
2. Thermals (because heat)
3. Waterproof jacket (nothing can get into your core)
4. Big bag (for all the extra accessories)
5. Sweatpants (comfort, of course!)
6. Warm Accessories (gloves, scarfs, hat,...)

 Here, I am wearing all the essential all at once, because why not, layers upon layers. They got my back for any activity, such as going into the wood like this.

Coat: DKNY
Scarf: F21
Pants: Adidas
Bag: JustFab
Thermal suggestions: Hot Chillys, Under Armour, Champion (that's all I know, if you know any other good brands, please let me know)

 Hi guys,

 I want to be more connected with you guys soI decided to do a "Goodie of the Month" post every month to share apps, products and services that I have tried and love.

 This month's goodie is an app called Shopkick. This app has recently become an essential for me when I am out shopping. It allows me to discover current deals from multiple stores before I make any purchase. Additionally, Shopkick has a fun feature where it will give you a free gift card from your chosen store if you collect enough kicks. There are multiple ways to get kicks, such as walking into a store, scanning certain products, and make purchase with your linked card(s). You can have more fun and collect more kicks by turning this into a competition with your friends. I am so close to winning a Nike gift card. A girl can never have enough sneakers. If this is something interesting to you, why not give it a try? The app is free (available on iTunes and Google Play), and you can get 250kicks by download it through this link https://app.shopkick.com/r/2XfLmv

Let me know how you like it!


 I love menswear inspired pieces. They give off a strong and crisp feel. This coat allows me to dress up and dress down. With heels, I can create an elegant look. I could also create a sporty vibe when pairing it with sneaker. Here, I just decided to wear my college sweater, Salem State University! You know, I have to represent. hahah.

Coat: Mango
Sweater: Salem State University
Jeans: PacSun
Sneakers: H&M

 It is brutally cold here in New England. Every time the wind hits, I just want to move back to Vietnam. One thing I've learned throughout all of my years living here is LAYERS! Layers are the key, MAJOR KEY! They also make it easier to remove a layer when you get hot.

Jacket: Forever21
Cardigan: H&M
Shirt: Forever21
Jeans: American Eagle
Shoes: eBay

 A good bomber jacket has made it way to become an essential in everyone's closet, men and women. I love how it is gender neutral.

Bomber: F21
Shirt: DIY'ed
Leggings: DIY'ed (originally from F21)
Shoes: Adidas

*Ps: I like to regenerate my clothes, so if you would like tutorials, please let me know.*
Hi guys!

 I am back! Sorry for the MIA; life had been testing me. Anyway...on the bright side, I am trying to improve this blog to my best. I am trying to improve my overall self to be honest with you. 
 Here was my outfit to NEU Fashion Show. Monotone is a classic that had been trending. Zendaya killed it at ACLU Dinner. She honestly is #goal. I really enjoyed putting this outfit together. It was actually a last minute ensemble. Pressure can really produce great result, it's all up to how you handle it. 

Shoes: UrbanOG
Jeans: Zara
Necklace: F21
Shirt: PacSun
Blazer: F21

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