Summer calling

 This summer went by wayyyyyy too fast. I didn't have to the chance to do all the things I wanted. Oh well, it is still an amazing summer to remember. 
 This is the last week before I officially become a college student. Ahh, that nerve wracking feelings. I am not ready. Summer, please stays with me. I guess whatever happens will happen. Live happen. I will enjoy every moment I have
 This outfit was for an night out with my friends. We went cruising, and pig out as I call it. It was very hot. I can't stand the humidity, so I chose to wear less clothing as possible, but still with enough coverage of course. I didn't really accessorized. It's just my diamond necklace, a pandora bracelet that I refuse to take off, and my long lost Alex and Ani. 

Top: Zara
Bottom: F21
Bag: Steve Madden
Shoes: Target

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