Winter Wonder

 For many years, I extremely dislike Winter because of the cold and snow. However, this year my perception of the season changed a bit toward the positive side. I don't have to think much about my outfit because the main key is to be warm. You're all set, as long as your wardrobe are prepared with:
1. Snow boots (no one wants to fall, right?)
2. Thermals (because heat)
3. Waterproof jacket (nothing can get into your core)
4. Big bag (for all the extra accessories)
5. Sweatpants (comfort, of course!)
6. Warm Accessories (gloves, scarfs, hat,...)

 Here, I am wearing all the essential all at once, because why not, layers upon layers. They got my back for any activity, such as going into the wood like this.

Coat: DKNY
Scarf: F21
Pants: Adidas
Bag: JustFab
Thermal suggestions: Hot Chillys, Under Armour, Champion (that's all I know, if you know any other good brands, please let me know)

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